Fast-growing company with extraordinary national and international achievements

Alligator Consult LLC is a Consulting Firm founded by 2012 and established in 2014. Upon the creation, we aimed to make major differences within the companies who either required start-up consulting or felt that their companies are not reaching satisfactory results nor gaining enough profit to keep on developing. Alligator Consult LLC managed to help companies who were about to close due to low sales and performance by offering effective advice and addressing the key issues in their business plans and management. Today, those companies are not only still working but are very recognizable and have beaten most of their rivals on the market!

Our responsibility is to generate demand for your products and services. Creating, developing and increasing the profit of your company together with training and services of quality certifications are part of our offer. We have participated in a creation of a wide range of successful small and medium-sized businesses that are slowly becoming large enterprises. It is our honor to belong to teams that aim to succeed so if you feel that you are one of us, feel free to join us!