Alligator Consult LLC is formed and maintained by a group of professional consultants with expertise in business planning, marketing, analytics, and writing. We have been united by the same goal – to make a difference. Some of our team members have tried starting their own businesses at the beginning of their careers and failed because they didn’t have anyone to give them proper advice. They only had the idea and nothing else, which wasn’t enough. It was then that they decided to learn everything about business and help future developers to achieve their dreams. Consulting and advising turned out to be even more exciting and satisfying than they thought it would be. Knowing that they didn’t have anyone to help them when they needed it and now they are able to help others is very fulfilling and motivating.

Creating the team we currently have took us a long time because we wanted to make sure everyone is qualified, professional, team-oriented and capable to work under the highest standards. We tested a large number of candidates and eliminated most of them until finally making a group of best-suited experts that know what they want to achieve and are enthusiastic in helping others.

Today, we utilize the skills and knowledge of each team member in the development of our companies. We have permanent and new clients coming for our advice daily, which motivates us to keep doing what we do best. Our group has mastered all the business-related areas and every success of our client serves as additional proof of our quality and amazing formation of the team that has achieved extraordinary results so far but is always striving for more!

We are the most affordable team of experts that will assist you in the increasingly competitive marketing where is essential that the company performs exercises seeking to identify opportunities to improve its results, whether with increased sales, new markets, customers, products or even internally seeking to identify their costs and expenses, optimize and reduce them.