Investing in real estate in Florida

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Florida has been a very attractive area for real estate investments, especially in the last decade. There are several reasons for that and one of the most significant ones is the growth of the job market. Employment rates in Florida are very high and if there are a lot of employees in general – there are a lot of employment opportunities, which means that long-term rentals are required by a lot of small, medium and large-sized companies. Having a property that you can rent in a state full of developing businesses is same as having to own gold whose value is in constant growth.

Real estate development in the cities of Florida is yet another reason why investors rush to purchase new properties that they can re-sell or rent. Exactly because of a high number of demands and real estate becoming a serious business here, the costs are getting higher and property owners make more money. You can never lose money you invested in real estate because it will return to you one way or another and you even have an opportunity to earn much more than you invested with a proper business plan. 

There is no doubt that Miami is the most touristic city in Florida and you can read about its real estate investments [here - HYPERLINK TO Miami real estate investments]

However, the potential of Florida is not limited to one city, the following is the list of other prospective cities for real estate investments in Florida: 


Median home value: $422,970

Average rental cost: $1,937/month


Fort Lauderdale

Median home value: $318,141

Average rental cost: $1,937/month


Cape Coral

Median home value: $215,201

Average rental cost: $1,287/month


West Palm Beach

Median home value: $250,784

Average rental cost: $1,480/month



Median home value: $183,548

Average rental cost: $1,327/month



Median home value: $173,250

Average rental cost: $1,186/month



Median home value: $165,755

Average rental cost: $1,061/month


2017 has been great for real estate investment in Florida and 2018 will surely be even better. If you are planning to invest somewhere in the USA and you are still indecisive, choosing some of the cities mentioned above could bring you many benefits shortly!



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