Investments in Franchises

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According to several IFA studies, franchise sector had a growth in the average annual job of 2.6%, which is approximately 20% higher than other types of businesses in the past 6 years. These results come, of course, from the benefits of franchise investment, which offers a completed business models, guidance, training, and support – everything that a new inventor needs. This opportunity to create a company, grow and profit faster than ever seems very attractive to people who are tired of having bosses.

However, quick ways to prosper always come with risks and franchise is no different. In case you are considering this idea as well, there are several factors you should consider before making the first step.

Determine if the franchise is an appropriate business approach for you. You will be required to take someone else’s already-developed strategies, plans, products and/or services, without making major changes. Of course, you can adjust and customize certain aspects but still stay loyal to the original brand.

Are you ready for funding? The franchise includes many costs that you will need to cover, starting with the initial fee that usually ranges from $15,000 up to $50,000, which sometimes includes the training cost. In the USA, Subway franchise fee is $15,000, however, in order to open a Subway restaurant, you would need to invest from $116,000 to $263,000.

Finding an affordable, yet attractive location. This is another important step that you would need to ensure in case you are planning to invest in a business that requires clients’ visits. In case you need a large space, the cost is going to be higher and you cannot suit yourself at some place outside the city where no one will come by.

Apart from these key components that will somewhat clarify how the beginning of franchise business works, you need a whole list of other factors to consider, such as recruitment of qualified staff, licenses, contracts, new ideas, adaptation to the methodology of the company you will invest in and others.

Overall, franchises can be great investments if you are determined to put a lot of effort into the startup, growth, and maintenance of your company. It is a great opportunity for responsible people who can stay firm and know how to make smart first moves, which might be the most significant factors for the future of the company.  

Real estate business in Miami

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IAfter the climate inconveniences in Miami, many people thought that this might affect the real estate business in the city, as well as the whole South Florida. However, that is not the case. People have tried to grab their chances to get cheaper properties that they would re-sell afterward but Miami stays Miami and its value will not go down just like that. 

Namely, Miami is an unpredictable city for real estate hunters. Some of them wait even for years to buy a specific cause once the owner has an urge to sell it. That might be one of the most beneficial events for buyers as they can get extremely valuable properties for an affordable amount of money if they are at the right place at the right time. Having an opportunity like this can get you a lot of profit because you will not rush to sell it but wait for an appropriate price and earn just by re-selling!

However, this waiting time can extend more than you can imagine and you are never sure you will get the opportunity you are seeking after all. The most common advice for real estate investors in Miami is “buy right now”. Why? – Because while waiting for a certain house to drop its price, all the others will increase. Prices here are growing rapidly and you have to be careful if waiting for too long because you might miss out on amazing opportunities.

In this city, it is barely impossible to lose by investing so do not be afraid. If you are not content with the property after the purchase, finding a new buyer is extremely easy and you can sell it the very next day. Therefore, our advice is to invest in real estate business in Miami. The prices are expected to increase incredibly during the next few years so if getting your own property is realistic now, do it as soon as possible. 


Real estate development in Miami

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The first associations to Miami are fun, beach, and luxury. These three factors go very well with profitability, in case there is a chance for new investors to find appropriate deals that they can put their money into. Miami has been a great destination for tourists from all around the world and surveys from 2015 and 2016 indicate interesting influences of foreigners on the real estate business. Over 50% of the survey participants in 2015 declared that foreigners are taking over the biggest part of the Miami real estate business while that percentage reduced to 33 in 2016. This, however, in no way means that interest in the city is any lower.

Miami is a place where people come to enjoy and they don’t pay attention to the prices as much, which means a lot to the business owners. To own a property here is brilliant and can double the cost of investment in a very short time period.

Despite the climate issues and justified concerns of the citizens, Miami never loses its value. Real estate experts suggest that the following years will be very important for the business here and therefore – the real estate development in the city will not stop growing.

The prices of properties depend on various factors but mostly on their locations. Medium home price in Miami Beach ranges from $1.5 million to $3.2 million while in Little Havana around $200,000, which is more than in the majority of places across the USA.


Real estate in Miami has been growing for decades and it will surely not stop anytime soon because of the capability of the city to receive and accommodate people from all around the world in the best possible manner, after which they end up investing into it.  The effort that foreign investors put into purchasing properties here and managing them afterwards says enough about their values. We have yet to see what 2018 will bring to the real estate business and according to all professional predictions, Miami will be equal to the center of the world in the upcoming years!

Restaurants and fast food business

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The food industry is very specific and different in comparison to other business models. Not only the responsibility is bigger but the obligations and required skills demand full dedication and proper operation of all the team members. In case you are considering the idea of opening a restaurant or fast food stop, you should learn several things about the industry first!

Choosing the type of food you will serve. The whole business philosophy depends on your choice because at the same time you are addressing your audience, determining the style of your company, recruiting members experienced in the area, etc. If you have decided to open a fast food restaurant, you are not obligated to serve inclusively hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Your products can vary from fish to vegetables, which will bring you different groups of consumers.

Franchise or not? That is a very difficult question. Both of the options have their advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on what you desire. Surprisingly, acquisition of certain franchises would cost you more than opening your own fast food restaurant but then, managing a restaurant with a reputable name would bring you their consumers without even trying at the beginning.

Location is the key. Your restaurant shouldn’t be away from the city nor too close to your competitors. Choose a place that will be eye-catching but still not in a row with other restaurants where your consumers would have a hard time choosing where to go.

Raising capital. You do not have to do it all alone if someone is willing to help you. If you are convinced that your idea is going to work, show it to potential sponsors that can help you start your business. If your presentations are compelling enough, you will have enough money to start right away!


After ensuring you are ready to join the food industry, take care of the necessary documentation, which includes licenses, federal and state regulations, licensing and other. Upon completion, you are definitely ready to start!